Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Play in Brisbane

Brisbane City Centre

We have been in Brisbane for  a month now.  Time is flying!  We have had a few weekends here now and when in town have developed a nice routine.  We bought bicycles for the family a few weeks ago so we can explore a little easier without relying on buses or the city cat (river bus).  This is what Zac did to his face on our 'test drive'. 

Apparently he got a spider on him while we were biking.  He was behind me, so all I heard was a scream and then the crash and then some more screams.  He was pretty bruised for about a week but he is fine now. 

Zac and Jason are the early risers in the family.  They usually get up and Jason gets some work done and the laptop, Zac reads and then plays his DS. 

Serenna and I are up within the hour.  Serenna could read for a few hours but we drag her out for breakfast and then we hop on our bikes, or the city cat, or the bikes on the city cat and head into the city. 

There are a couple of markets that we have discovered.  One is full of jewelry, hand crafted stuff, clothes, and souvenirs.  The kids have spent some of their allowance there.   The other market is full of fruits, veg. meats, breads, cheeses, olives... and some trinkets.  It is a great place to find some cheaper produce, and then spread out the picnic blanket and buy lunch from a vendor and have lunch while watching the live music. 

Yummy lunch items at the West End market

On the way home there is always a tree or two to climb.  They really do have the best climbing trees here.

Great climbing trees in Brisbane

Yet another climbing tree!

At a play park on South Bank there is the most amazing tree.  It has these roots coming down from the branches all the way to the ground.  They are great for getting up and sliding down. 

The coolest tree at South Bank play park

Serenna - jungle girl

Zac - future fireman?

Besides the great play tree, and the man-made beach, and splash pad all available at South Bank, there is this lovely flowered walk way.  They have these beautiful pink flowers growing on horizontal wires all along a metal framed walkway.  The effect is like you are walking through a flower tunnel. 

Flowered walkway at Southbank, Brisbane

Southbank flowered walkway

For our Anniversary (Sept. 28) we went to Le Grand Cirque - "Adrenalin" with the kids.  It was a good show with some amazing, death defying stunts.  Afterwards we celebrated with dinner out. 

Happy 14th Anniversary

That's all for now.  Lots more to share next post - more about our fab. flat and starting school...

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