Monday, October 10, 2011

New Flat, New School

A Family Tree

If you have been reading some earlier blogs, you will know that our first accommodation at St. Lucia Gardens Hotel was not a long term solution for us.  It was a one bedroom, very small, short stay hotel room with a kitchenette.  It was a great base until we found our new flat.

Our living room/kitchen area

 We are 10 minutes from the University of Queensland where Jason is working and about 25 minutes walk from the kids school. The school is not too far from us but it is 2 big hills away.  It feels like living in San Frasisco!  Originally we thought we would bike to school but the hills are seriously steep.  We would only be able to walk the bike up the hills with a 30 second bike ride down.  It is just not worth it, so we walk instead. Some days it feels more like dragging to kids up the hill. 

Our new flat is also just a one bedroom but we have so much more living space.  There is a wee laundry room, a walk in closet, a full bathroom, a lovely kitchen/living room, an alcove for our bed, and the BEST view of the river out the huge window / sliding door and balcony. 

Our balcony

Brisbane River outside our apartment.

A good spot to do homework!

We are located right on the Brisbane River in a 12 storey apartment building, we are one of 3 flats on the 8th floor. There is a secure private garage for our bikes, and a pool.

72 Macquarie St. (Home Sweet Home)

  Unfortunately the pool is not heated or covered so it remains quite cold.  Saying that we still jump in, we just don't stay in very long!

Here is a peek at the kids shared bedroom and the bathroom.

kids room

nice bathroom (Zac loves the jet bath)

On Monday October 3, the kids started school at Ironside State School.  It is a huge primary school with 835 students.  There are multiple buildings and it was quite daunting at first trying to find our way around.  There is an outdoor heated swimming pool, and a couple of tennis courts.  The kids have to wear uniforms - school shirt and shorts (or culottes for girls) and the mandatory Tilly style hat.  If they forget or loose their hats, no going out for recess. 

The popular recess activity is handball/four-square.  The kids played four-square at Wortley too but here they play with a handball not a big ball.  The playground equipment areas are coverd with suspended cloth for shade.

The Australian school year begins in Jan. so Zac and Serenna are actually catching the last term of the year here.  Serenna is in grade 6 and apparently has a very strict teacher (the opposite of Monsieur K from Switzerland in every way!).  Actually, from the stories I am hearing, she is not just strict but angry, a lot of the time.  Serenna is just trying to keep up with the work and stay under the radar.

Front doors of Ironside State School

 Zac, after one week, is ready to switch back to homeschooling!  I have to say the homework load seems rather heavy for grade 2 and that is getting him down.  After a full school day he doesn't want to do another hour or two of work!   They have both made some friends and are finding things easier to adapt to than Lausanne as everyone speaks English!

Homework time.

Okay one last picture because I think they look so cute!!

Zac and Serenna in Brisbane, QLD
Next blog - lots more Koalas and some amazing rainforest trees....

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  1. They really do look cute. And I'd say that the apartment is definitely a huge improvement.
    miss you guys