Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Queensland 2011 Refugee Lantern Parade

Friday night is usually our movie night but I read about the 2011 Refugee Lantern Parade in the newspaper, so we decided to go to that instead.  It took place at South Bank so it was an evening City Cat ride to that side of the river.  We still LOVE traveling on the City Cat.  It is one of the main things I am going to miss about Brisbane.  It is the best public transportation ever!

The best way to travel in Brisbane.

  The purpose of the Lantern Parade event was to make refugees feel welcome in Queensland.  There were people of all sorts of ethnicities that gathered for the parade.  The lanterns were amazing – some small, many beautiful, and large.  There were animals of all kinds, like Koala, zebra, elephant, kangaroo.  The first part of the festivities was a parade of lanterns that everyone was encouraged to join.  It started at the big Ferris wheel at South Bank which ended at a big covered stadium.  A lantern lit stage was set up and after a few boring speeches from politicians there were dancers, and singers to entertain us.  It was a feast for the eyes so I will insert a number of pictures that capture a bit of the sights although do not do justice to the feelings of unity, joy and peace.

Koala lantern, not yet lit up.

People gather at South Bank for the Lantern Parade.

The entertainment  with amazing lanterns bracketing the stage.

Australian award winning singer Katie Nunan
I love these bigger than life lanterns.

Last Saturday we celebrated American Thanksgiving with our neighbours and about 25 of their friends.  We even had turkey with all the fixing despite the fact that it was over 30 degrees Celsius.  We had the meal outside at the Barbie area by the Brisbane River.
American Thanksgiving with our neighbours and friends.
Joe, Anya, Jimmy, Emmi and Terry (American and Canadian friends)
A thanksgiving feast!! (on a sweltering day)

We have gotten to know our neighbours much more in the last month.  We have had their kids babysit Serenna and Zach, while we went out with the parents, Anya and Joe.  They are a lot of fun and I only wish we had done this earlier in our time here.  We move out in a few days!


  1. You guys look like you're having a blast! I could use a little sun and sand right now myself! We have chilly temperatures but no snow as yet. Hopefully by Christmas.
    miss you! xo

  2. Gorgeous!! Have fun, you will be back to winter soon!