Monday, November 14, 2011

A Sunday afternoon in Brisbane

This is an Ibis.  They are like pigeons looking for picnic scraps.

When we are not doing great little weekend trips we have a pretty normal daily routine.  School days we are all up around 6:45 am (Jas and I even earlier because of the noisy birds - by 5am it is bright daylight). We leave for school and work by 8 am. Instead of mitts and scarves, we have to remember Tilly hat and sunscreen before we step outside.  School starts at 8:40am and we have that hilly walk to get there.  The weather is really getting hot (about 30 degrees) and humid.  By 8am it is toasty and sweat is soon rolling down from everywhere!  My new style of dress is work out clothes most days as they dry faster.  I do the errands and groceries, clean up our wee flat and then spend time on line either blogging, emailing, sorting 100s of pictures, or finding accommodations for upcoming trips.  I go work out at the university around lunch time.  Jason continues to join me for Pump and Step class a few days a week.  (I am still really impressed).  By 2:30 pm, I've showered, had lunch and am walking up the hill to collect Zac and Serenna.  Mon, Tues., and Wed., nights are really heavy on the homework.  We usually come home and get down to it until 6pm when we have dinner (if Jas isn't running late!)  When we are too hot from the walk home we have a quick dip in the pool before starting the homework.

Our apartment pool.

 After dinner and clean up we usually play a game, balloon volleyball is a favourite just now.  Then it is time family reading, Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix just now.  Then 15 to 30 min. of personal reading time before bed. 

On weekends, if we stay in Brisbane, we usually go to the market on Sat. mornings to get our fruit and veg...  This past weekend on Sunday we went to Southbank (an area in the heart of Brisbane) to cool off at the splash pad and man made beach located there.

Southbank Splash Pad, notice the flowers along wires in the background.

Zac getting soaked!

Southbank is a big public park located right along the Brisbane River.  It is always busy with locals and tourists.  As I said there is a man made sand beach, non-sand swim area, splash pad, swimable river, play parks, picnic areas, public barbies, a weekend market, restaurants and bars, a theatre,  the GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art) and a beautiful flower-walled walk .  It is a really nice area of Brisbane.

River and splash pad at Southbank.

Non-sand swimming lagoon at Southbank.
Time to warm up.  Susan, do you recognize your old shower curtain?

 For us it is only 4 City Cat stops away so it is convenient to get too and spend a couple of hours out.  In fact, tonight Serenna and I are going to Southbank tonight see a play: Pygmalion (the George Bernard Shaw play that My Fair Lady is based on).  Zac and Jason are looking forward to playing rugby!

Blog with you more soon,
xox Penni-Sue

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