Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Walk Around Brisbane

 Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland, the state we live in.  The population is about 2 million.  Brisbane actually has a Scottish connection as it is named after a Scotsman Sir Thomas Brisbane in 1821 he was a Governor here.  Like Canada, Australia is a relatively new country so it feels very similar to home in so many ways.  There is the feeling of lots of space with highways, modern buildings, and one or two story detached homes is the norm.  One of the obvious differences however is that they drive on the left, just like in Britain.  We have been there and done that so we didn't imagine we wouldt have too much trouble over on the wrong side of the road.  But one difference that has given us the giggles is that the windshield wipers' switch is located where us Canadians would normally find the turning signal switch.  The result is that every time we go to switch lanes, or turn the corner, the windshield wipers start going!  But I am getting ahead of myself- more about our road trip in the next blog.  For now lets just have a look at Brisbane.

Brisbane is called the 'river city' as there is a large river of the same name that twists through the city.  This means transportation by boat is the best way to get around.  They have river buses - which are actually these super cool boats that stop at various terminals all along both sides of the river.  It is so much fun to ride the City Cat.

Every Sat. and Sun. there are various markets around the city to buy fruit. veg. baked goods and trinkets.  The kids have got there next few allowances planned already.  There are also lots of gardens, play parks and little ponds through out the city.  We met a few interesting creatures on our walks.  Zac is counting and trying to photograph every new bird species he find.  He thinks he has seen about 23 new types of birds. 
This lovely lady is an Ibis.  They are pretty much the pigeons of Australia as far as I can tell.  They seem to be walking around everywhere looking for some food.  They are not very timid, but seem harmless.  Its the magpies we need to watch out for just now!

Some of the trees are unbelievable.  The roots can grow down from the branches!  They are super fun to climb.   We are also always on the look out for lizards, water dragons and snakes.  So far no snakes or other deadly things, thankfully.  But is it quite common to spot a few lizards.

Lots more pics. and adventures to tell about soon.  Just now the internet in our flat is rather dismal so getting anything done online is challenging.  That should improve by next week, in the mean time, I'll keep trying to stay  connected and I do mean that literally and figuratively.

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